With a new color on the walls, a layer of paint on the furniture and a wooden headboard full of color, we will achieve a cheerful and fresh youthful headboard. We are going to give a new air to a bedroom. The challenge will be to turn it into a fresh and more modern youth bedroom. For this, the first thing will be to paint the walls in two different shades.

Youth bedroom

Next, we will paint the doors of the built-in wardrobe also the tables and the comfortable ones, painting them of white. Finally, the centerpiece of this room: a headboard made of wooden boards and painted in different pastel colors that give a cheerful and youthful touch to the stay.

This week’s bedroom needs a change to make it look more youthful and fresh. After emptying the bedroom and protecting the areas that we do not want to paint, we will begin to give a new air to the decoration with painting the walls. We will use two different tonalities. The next step will be to paint the cabinet doors. After releasing the hinges and handles, we will thoroughly sand all the wood so we can give it a coat of primer. Then we will paint white.

To dress the bedroom, we will create a headboard with pine wood boards. On the wall on which we are going to place the headboard we will fix two wooden slats with a few screws. In this way, we will be able to fix the tables of the headboard to the slats. Cut the boards to a size of 1.50 meters and once we have all the boards we will send them well to achieve a good finish of the wood.

The boards are going to be painted with different colors: blue, pink , green , etc. In this way, we will achieve a headboard in pastel shades very fresh and cheerful. To attach the boards to the slats, we will use mounting adhesive. We will slowly place the boards and press well to be properly fixed. Finish decorating this youth bedroom by adding accessories and making a new distribution of the furniture. We will also place some points of light and some pictures on the wall.