The wooden furniture is versatile enough to place in the bedroom, because it can look elegant, classic or contemporary. The paintings offer a solid color and a neat finish to modern furniture of wood, and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. To modify the entire look of the room you can re-apply a finish to your furniture in the bedroom with your favorite paint color. According to the manufacturer Val spar coating is ideal to use a satin or eggshell enamel on furniture because wood is a durable product that is easily cleaned.

wood furniture




Make this project in a room or work area with good ventilation. Place a tarp on the floor of the work area to prevent damage to the furniture and paint splatters on the floor.



If possible, disarm the furniture . For example, you must remove the dresser drawers and drawer pulls; disassembled the head, footboard and elastic bed. Place each piece on canvas.




With sandpaper 320 grit, smoothes the surface of the furniture to remove traces of the varnish layer that has the wood.



Apply a thin layer of paint remover with a brush over the entire surface of the furniture . Note that you can only apply the remover on one side of the furniture at once. Let the remover acts on the wood for 15-45 minutes depending on the type of product you use. Check the product instructions to calculate the exact time of action.



With a spatula, scrape an area of the cabinet on a trial. If you can remove the paint easily scraping continues throughout the remaining surface of the furniture. Otherwise, let the remover sit for 10 minutes. The furniture with several layers of varnish require more than one application of the product to remove the varnish on the wood surface entirely. If necessary, repeat this process on the other side of the cabinet.



Clean the surface of the furniture with a solution of water and a cleaning with phosphate (TSP) to remove traces of remover. Dip just the tip of a damp cloth in the solution and apply to the furniture. Do not use a sponge and saturate the wood with this liquid. Let the furniture dry.



Sand the surface of the furniture with sandpaper 320 grit until it is smoothed and uniform. Clean the furniture with a damp cloth.



Applying a thin layer of latex-based primer on the surface of the wall with a brush with nylon bristles polyester.



Apply a coat of latex-based paint on the furniture and let it dry overnight.



When the paint is dry, re-assemble furniture .