If you want to achieve a unique and inspiring in your home decor style, they can not miss the prints. Not only the magazines and catalogs decoration can boast of such creative combinations of patterns, you can also use these tips and achieve equally harmonious and surprising results. Let’s talk about What to wear for patterned decoration.

Choose the object space and

First you must choose the space and the object which you use the prints. You can choose a piece of furniture like sofa, curtains, carpet and even a light or some other accessory. Just try the items you choose are not grouped in one area of ​​the room or it will look too overdone. If you have any sad area inside the room, this will be an ideal time to introduce the print option.

patterned decoration

Combine different patterns

You must lose the fear of using colors, textures and prints, original know. Precisely for that matter, to combine printed with different motifs such as stripes with flowers, pictures with moles or any other combination you can think of. Now, prevents the combination of subjects that do not look at all well, such a pattern of butterflies and one horse. Always keep in mind that regardless of the size of the room, if you use more than three types of patterns it will inevitably recharged.

Combine textures

If you think about the textures can be seen and behave as prints, so they are another resource to use. In addition they have the valuable quality to differentiate similar items with the same shapes and colors, so you approvals to introduce variety in printed objects follow the same pattern. Also try mixing textured fabrics with prints, and see that you will achieve truly fun and original compositions.

Achieving harmony between prints

Once chosen patterns prints, you should check that they are in harmony with each other. You can have a varied combination as a sofa with striped cushions and curtains with paintings of flowers, provided that these elements bear some relationship between them and share the same intention of space. To achieve this you can use some basic tricks like choosing at least one common tone that serves as a link between all patterns, and try the other colors do not quite match between them. Note that neutral colors are often the most flexible for these combinations. You must also ensure that all the colors you choose possess the same intensity.