If your space for plants is small and limited to a balcony or terrace, we provide a list of species that are ideal for that place. Depending on the sunlight that falls on our balconies can grow a plant or another, so we must be attentive to the conditions when choosing . If you wonder what are the best plants for the balcony, our beautiful selection includes hydrangeas, petunias, geraniums and daisies out. From now have a garden on your floor is possible!

best plants


This plant produces beautiful pink flowers, blue or white from spring to autumn, depending on the pH you have the floor. So it is advisable to plant in acid soils with a pH of 4.5 for these are blue. Also, to be born pink soil should be alkaline, with a pH of 6. And if white flowers are to the ground should have a higher alkalinity, hovering a level 8.

As for his care, this plant requires a lot of moisture on the ground and be paid frequently during flowering. Regarding their use on the balcony, it should be placed in the shade, sheltered from the sun.


Another perfect for your balcony floor is the geranium . They need regular watering in the substrate, avoid wetting the flowers. As for colors, there is a wide range including white, salmon and red. Also, the payment is to be made ​​every two weeks, preferably during the growth process, to stimulate the development of flowers. The requirement of light varies depending on the species, as some shade while others need many hours of sunshine.


Petunias need to be watered daily and abundantly in the flowering stage. It should also be avoided as much as wet watering flowers in the hours of greater solar intensity. On the other hand, we must pay it a phosphorus-containing fertilizer every two weeks during flowering.

Cape Daisy

Originally from Africa, the Iberian climate is ideal for this hardy plant that reaches even withstand the salt found in coastal areas. However, in cold weather they should be protected against frost covering the soil with pine bark or straw. These daisies out only when it is fully open enough sun.