Do you have an electric oven but do not know how to use it? Some advantages of this apparatus, smaller than a traditional oven are to be preheated quickly and reach a temperature of 260 ° C. Also, this furnace is more economical than a conventional one, can save up to half of money. Furthermore, this type of electric furnace retains heat generated inside, so that no seizing escapes whole kitchen or moving to other rooms. To bake properly in this article we show how to use an electric oven.

electric furnace

First, choose food that you are cooking and pay attention to the preparation instructions. If you indicate that you should preheat the oven before cooking, simply turn the appliance at the recommended temperature for this recipe. On the other hand, if another option is not recommended, be sure to select the center of your oven grill for a balanced cooking.

In case your oven timer count, select the time recommended in the recipe. When a variable time indicated, between a minimum and a maximum of minutes, it is appropriate to choose the minimum time to prevent burn our plate . In this way, then you will have the option to continue heating it in case you’re not ready. On the other hand, if the food is burned would be more difficult to fix. Better safe than sorry!

As you’re cooking, check out the oven to check that your recipe is preparing normally. To do this, look through the oven door or open it slightly right and look carefully inside. If you notice that the dish is cooking too fast, it decreases from 10 to 25 degrees temperature.

Finally, when the timer indicates that it has finished cooking time or when you see the look of your plate to indicate you are ready, open the door completely and, with the help of mittens or mitts, takes the food from the oven . Then turn off the oven and close the door. If you think you still missing a few minutes to consume in good condition, keep a little longer in the appliance but closely monitors their progress.