The bathroom is a room in the house that often gets forgotten about. The time we spend in there may be short, but we are in there a few times a day. So it is nice to have somewhere that feels luxurious and inviting, right? Even if you are just brushing your teeth, you want it to be well lit and sparkling clean. So what are some of the best ways that you can update the bathroom? Here are four of the best things you should be doing.


 Add Sparkle to the Sink

 We use the sink for washing our hands and washing our face. Small things to us. But how much nicer would it be if there was a lovely shiny sink to do it in? You could replace the taps for a sparkly new chrome tap. Most modern bathrooms these days have one single tap, which controls the water temperature. So if you currently have two separate taps, it might be time to change things up a little bit. If you currently only have one sink or vanity unit, how about getting two installed? If you have room for it, it will make the bathroom like like a completely different one. Have a look at a website like It might give you some ideas of the styles available. Then when you have the sink that you want, make sure that the sink and taps are cleaned with a limescale cleaner. This will help to keep them sparkling and looking like new. Bleach just won’t make a difference to the limescale generated by a lot of water.

Fill the Room with Light

Bathrooms can quite often be one of the smallest rooms in the house. Sometimes, they don’t even have any windows in. You are quite likely to be applying makeup or shaving when in the bathroom, so you want the space to be well lit. You could think about adding more lights in the ceiling to make things brighter. Spotlights are brilliant for making this work. You get an even balance of light, whatever area of the room you are in then. Have you ever thought about adding lights around the sink or the main mirror area? You could add your own Hollywood glamour to the area and apply your lipstick in style! If you have any curtains or blinds, consider getting lighter, or lace options, so you can let in as much light as possible.

Add Mirrors

Along the same lines of creating more light in the home, then you should add lots of mirrors too. They will reflect the light and make the space look brighter. It will make everything sparkle more too. One other great benefits of lots of mirrors are that they make the room look larger. So if you’ve got a small bathroom, fill it with mirrors and it will look like new. Real Simple has an article about using mirrors in the home here: