Today we present some tricks to keep the house warm in winter. In addition, if the cold does not stop and the price of energy continues to rise we have to do something! On other occasions, we have talked about how to save with heating now five home tricks we propose to keep the house warm in winter for longer. Some of them are very simple, for example: put aluminum foil or a reflective foil on the radiator, and others will require some initial outlay, but it will be worth it.


Aluminum foil or reflective foils

If we place large furniture in front of the radiators such as the sofa these absorb all the heat and do not allow heating the room. However, when we have a house with high ceilings, a shelf can be placed on top of the radiator to better channel the heat. A shelf above the heater will stop the rise of hot air, especially if it is under a window.

Curtains better thick

And is that, the window is one of the main causes of heat leakage. If we use curtains with thermal lining, we will prevent heat escaping in winter and into summer. If not, we can always use thick curtains or cover the ones we have with polar or plastic materials. If the door is opened and closed in our house, thick curtains at the entrance door will prevent the cold from entering.

Take advantage of natural resources

If it is sunny, let the light come in through the sale. It’s free! However, do not trust yourself and open all the windows. Even if the sun’s rays enter the outside temperature will still be lower than the one we have inside the home. Of course, once the sun goes down close the curtains and if blinds are used, lower them as well.

Plug the drafts

Use weather stripping on doors and windows to avoid drafts. And remember the thermostat must be at the proper temperature. In order not to waste energy the thermostat should not exceed 21ºC, considered the ideal temperature. For example, in the bathroom can exceed this temperature up to 22ºC and the rooms that we do not use oscillate until 18ºC.