Unless you’re new to owning your own home in Toronto, you probably already know how frustrating it can be to deal with household pests. Not only are they a health risk, but some, like carpenter ants or mice, can damage the structure of your home or chew through wiring and create a fire hazard. Hiring a professional is always the most assured way to put your bug or rodent problem to rest, especially when you work with a company that offers ongoing protection through a warranty or plan.


Bugs like cockroaches and mammals such as rats act as vectors for diseases that can put you and your family at risk. Even the relatively common fly can become a source of food contamination, though you wouldn’t suspect how harmful their presence can be to your health. There are about 30 different species of roaches and they come in different colours and sizes, though the three most common species to southern Ontario are the German, brown banded, and Oriental cockroach. Roaches survive by finding areas in your home that have food and water within easy access, and pest control experts in Toronto often target areas such as floor drains, around bathtubs and underneath sinks. Any home can become infested with cockroaches, and they love to spread out during the summer when they can travel outside. According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, there are things you can do to prevent cockroach infestations once you have them under control.

  • Keep food tightly sealed
  • Wipe counters down frequently
  • Put pet food away overnight

Bedbugs are also a common problem in North America, and they have been seeing a particularly stubborn comeback in Toronto. Although bedbugs do not transmit diseases to humans or animals, it can be maddening to be bitten every night while you sleep. The Ministry of Environment considers bedbugs to be a public nuisance, though not a public health risk – nevertheless, they are one of the most feared infestations around. According to local exterminators Power Pest Control, they live in public spaces such as assisted living centers, movie theatres, and hotels, meaning anyone can bring them home on their clothes or in their luggage. They have been reported in the Toronto Public Library and so far in the past two years, there have been 12 confirmed cases on the TTC.

Bedbugs are difficult to eliminate because they can live so long without a blood meal – which is one reason why exterminators worry so much about their presence on public transportation. While city officials deny that bedbugs on buses are such a problem, experts like Power Pest Control warn that because the creatures only feed once weekly, they can, in fact, thrive in public spaces and certainly spread. They can even live up to one year without feeding, while common pesticides used to treat them may not necessarily kill off their eggs, making them notoriously difficult to get rid of. They are frighteningly capable of adapting to pesticides, which is why responsible exterminators use a variety of effective chemicals, rather than relying on a single solution. If you are living with bugs such as cockroaches and bedbugs, do not wait another minute before calling for an inspection.