It’s a new year and that means new trends in the world of interior design.  Whether you’re hiring the services of an interior designer or decorating your home yourself, you won’t want to miss out on our top 5 interior design tips for 2016 – just keep reading the top tips of top interior designer. If you would like to know the best painting ideas you could choose Hingham Massachusetts painting contractors.

1. Interchangeable decor will be hot

‘Chameleon’ decor or decor which is easily interchangeable will become big news this year.  This means neutral walls and flooring will remain popular, with people using brightly coloured home accessories such as cushions and curtains to change their home’s interior.  This offers a lot of flexibility as you can change your look as often as you like without too much expense!


2. Stick with vintage

Vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces will continue to be popular in 2014 – it’s the thrill of someone saying, ‘Wow, where did you get that?’ that we love!  Furniture and home accessories from the 1940’s and 1950’s will be on-trend, but also 1920’s and 30’s art deco pieces, in particular lighting.  Shop around for the best deals and don’t be afraid to scour online auction sites for vintage finds.

3. Florals and chintz are back

You might have thought you’d seen the last of your grandmother’s chintz sofa, but floral and chintz designs are everywhere this year, mixed with graphic patterns to keep the look contemporary.  Rather than upholster your whole sofa in chintz fabric, stick to accents such as cushions and curtains to avoid things looking too dated.

4. Be nautical with navy blue

Navy blue has been a huge catwalk trend this season and now that trend is set to spill over into our homes.  From velvet navy blue sofas to bed linen and towels, prepare to bin your black home accessories and invest in nicely nautical navy blue items for your home!  Glossy editorials are filled with the colour this season and as we move into spring, you can pair navy blue with paler shades of blue or vibrant peacock blue for a fresh, cool look.

5. Use softer shades of black and white

Black and white is always a popular choice for interiors, but this spring and summer move away from harsh graphic prints and instead choose softer black and white options.  French-inspired stripes and Scandinavian chic are the inspiration behind this look that’s reminiscent of a European beach house; light, clean, fresh and minimalistic.

2014 is set to be an interesting year in the world of interior design, with many designers predicting a move away from contemporary furniture and a return to more traditional designs.  Whether or not this will actually happen is anyone’s guess, but if you’re a fan of vintage and classic pieces then this could be your year!  Interchangeable decor will be popular throughout the year as it offers people an easy and quick way to update their decor – if there are any design trends you’re dying to try out, such as the trend for chintz and floral fabrics, using home accessories to subtly add the trend to your existing interiors is the best place to start!