The corridors are usually one of the most difficult areas to decorate a house. Whether narrow or broad, large or small, usually forget them in our relegating decorative projects only passing zone. We do not know is that with help and a little imagination can transform these areas make pleasant stays step from one place to another an enjoyable experience. Spaces that complement the beauty and ambiance of the rooms communicating. Lets talk about tips to get the most out of the halls.


What colors can be used in hallways?

The first thing to note before choosing the colors is the space. If your hallway is wide or narrow or if it is long or short are aspects that we consider to make a correct choice of colors. For narrow hallways we recommend the colors that provide visual breadth and depth. Nobody wants to feel stifled or tightness in your own home, so we recommend light tones. The different shades of cream or white, also look great pastel colors. We can also play with the height of the walls , and long ones we create divisions colors or borders, half wall to catch up. Moreover, if too low recommend limited to a solid light color, preferably white.

Another trick for corridors that are not very elongated, is equal to paint the room that follows them, so that the end of the hall is lost in the next room and visually look deeper. If you want to decorate the hallway is wide the possibilities are endless. Since we are not concerned about extended stay, we can afford loud or garish colors , and we can even combine shades that complement. Strong shades of red, like terracotta or orange and dark greens, creating an elegant and sober environment.

A well-lit hallway

Lighting is a fundamental aspect, keep in mind that in addition to its functionality, the light is responsible for bringing out all the decorative work. Boosts or minimizes the areas we want , but for this we must know how to choose the appropriate lights and place them well. Learn to make the most and take advantage of the lighting will always be a surprise to decorate advantage. As mentioned above, the space is the element that will determine every decision we should take in this area.