We leave you some tips and tricks to spot as little as possible in the kitchen and keep it clean longer. A saying goes he who cleanest is not clean but he that does not defile. So here, we leave some tips to stain as little as possible in the kitchen and thus having to spend less time cleaning.


Tips on cooking:

Prepare all ingredients in advance and utensils, and, as you go using sees removing the various pots or utensils. This way, you will avoid that there are objects in the middle and therefore that they fall or stain others. Leave them in the sink and keep the work area always clear. Use a small plate to leave the wooden spoon or utensils you use to remove what you cook. This will avoid staining the counter top.

When adding salt sugar flour it approaches the container for example the saltshaker the pot or the dish to prevent the kernels from falling and therefore a part of the kitchen. When frying, keep in mind the tips to make fried foods properly and avoid splashing: for example, use a lid for pots and pans, avoid introducing the ingredients to fry a lot of distance to not splash.

The dining table should be clear and free of objects. Use washable tablecloths, whether individual or the entire table allows collected easily and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. As we have discussed in the kitchen as you finish eating, clear the table of dishes and glasses to avoid any accident. If you want to avoid crumbs cut them into slices in the kitchen before eating, so you avoid crumbs and control the amount of bread you eat. In this way, we are sure you will pick up the kitchen and allow you to clean it faster and easier because you have spotted as little as possible.