currently spaces tend to be reduced, so the worry usually achieved efficiently use it. In these cases, it is always advisable to use a professional custom landscaping services Glendale AZ, you’ll know that screening plan for garden-style space and practical distribution. For amateurs who wish to make their own garden, we recommend you do not panic however small it may be. In a small space can get amazing results while being sensible. It is usually a very common obstacle thinking “total, these 20 meters what am I to do?

small spaces

“I leave flooring and that’s it”. Obviously it is a very convenient solution as unsightly, as ever, showy it a floor, you can match the beauty of a small landscaped piece and demonstrates, by the person who makes that decision, he does not like to live in contact with the nature.

Once we know the possibilities we have, we will get to work considering that in this report we will advise how to get more out of a small space and not about offering design tips that space. The plant light-colored (glaucous, gray, golden, variegated) give the impression of more space and light colors reflect more light and more clear that green way.

The same feeling is found with tiny leaves vegetables, giving rise to an ‘psychological’ effect of distance, otherwise that species with large leaves that stifle the feeling of living space. Try to create different areas, albeit very small, as optically cause greater sense of a unified set to leave or open area, where the view loses the actual perception of Comparative space.

It is well known that when we begin to furnish an empty room (we looked small) is when we realize its actual dimensions. In small portions of land not use lawn and if we do, we will be in very specific areas. If we create beds will never be straight (blunt), but terminated peaks (trapezoidal) or ovals, and ellipses.The creation of unevenness is not an optical trick to give spaciousness to the view, is that really few meters enlarge the surface.

Resorting to the unknown and charming tromp, is also good idea. These are paintings on the wall or wall of a yard or garden , as its name suggests is “a trap to the eye,” creating false perspectives of depth or distance. As for decorative objects, should be used with extreme caution: only the righteous and never small. It is better to opt for short and average size, not too big, several tiny that neither obscure the garden look and creating the feeling of ‘Fair thumbnails’.