The decor of the nursery is one of the projects that illusion brings parents, although they are not always prepared to face this task, especially if they are first. Although you have many ideas in your head about how you want the space remaining at the end emerge a lot of doubts or money is spent unnecessarily. In this article we give you some tips to help you succeed in decorating the baby’s room, you might also be useful if you share with a sibling or is a space within your room.

baby rooms


We begin by choosing the space occupied by the nursery. If you have the chance, it is best to choose a room flooded with natural light and be as quiet as possible, away from the noise zones of the house. This way you’re guaranteed the conditions for your baby to rest peacefully. If this is your own room, choose a corner that is not near the window to place the crib, so the baby will be safe and not risk to be affected by air currents.

Colors and patterns on the walls

After chosen the room, the second step is to choose colors for the walls. Or soft neutral tones, which are those that convey greater serenity and promote relaxation of the newborn is recommended. Traditionally chose blue and pink, depending on the sex of the baby, but now no longer performed both these distinctions and colors have been unified for both sexes. The color palette is expanded and the options available to them, but always avoid strong tones, at least until the baby is at least two years.

Besides painting you can also use other resources to decorate the walls. A good option is to put a nice wallpaper on one wall, contrasting with the remaining paint. The templates or decals can also serve you to personalize the room, choose a cheerful and colorful design that attracts attention of your baby. If you want to get more creative you can even spice up the walls by painting a mural, you can choose clouds on the ceiling, a castle, angels or any other tender reason.

Basic furniture

The furniture will be another important aspect to consider in decorating. You need to take into account your real needs, but end up filling the room with furniture that then you will not use. Input the essential are the cot, a changing unit and a bassinet. A key to the choice of these pieces is to choose versatile designs that meet more than one function or can be easily transformed, so you will make an investment that will last for years.

In this regard we recommend one of the evolutionary cribs that convert into beds, so that later when the child grows to still use. While it is small can keep the bed with a kind of yard around to protect him. When you have to buy a bigger bed, you can transform it into a practical sofa bed. As for the furniture baby changing you can choose a design with drawers and shelves underneath, allowing you to store diapers and fixtures. There are some models when they are no longer useful, let transform to be used as a bookcase or shelves of toys. If you have left space in the room you can also think about including a rocking chair to breastfeed, like a trunk to store toys.

Heat map

Somewhere in the room you can create a small playground with rugs and cushions, so that the baby begins to play without being in direct contact with the hard, cold floor. These are supplements that can give a colorful touch to the decor.
Candy is a bit bigger too will need to include a table with a chair where the child can sit comfortably play and draw. Just be careful that this furniture with rounded corners or protected.


Try to maximize the natural light that will provide the windows during the day, which can put double curtain, one light and one opaque. If you are placing an indirect light sleeping baby, avoid standing lamps that are often a danger when you start walking. Choose instead a table lamp or a wall.


When the baby is very small is not advisable to place duvets, pillows or cushions in the crib, as it can tangle or suffocation. Even some experts believe that crib bumpers pose a risk to the baby as they can get between them and the crib.
It is preferable to buy a small sleeping bag, which let their little arms free, at least for the first stage. If the bed set are already included these supplements, you can save them for later yes you’re going to need.