Are you lucky enough to have a garden with a pool? Do not miss these decorating and maintenance tips. When decorating a garden, we must consider many factors. If we also have the luck of having a pool we must pay more attention to other points essential to enjoy the outdoors.

gardens with pool

Tips for decorating gardens with pool

If we have a swimming pool, it is very important that all safety regulations be met. In the case of having, small children at home you can choose to decorate the pool with some fence. This will prevent them from entering the water without supervision.

We cannot forget the cleaning of a pool we show you step by step how to clean a pool. The location of the pool in the garden is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. It should be sunny and protected from the wind. In this way, we will make this area to become a cozy, pleasant and pleasant place.

Lighting plays a very important visual role, and thanks to it, the same garden can change completely. In addition to its practical function for the garden and pool to be illuminated, this type of lighting plays a very important decorative role. At dusk at night, we can have the lights on for a more relaxed comfortable, pleasant or chill-out style. The idea is to make the garden become a perfect space to relax, have a party with friends or enjoy the free time.

This environment in the decoration can be achieved with the different options that can be found in the marking: spotlights, torches, beacons etc. The important thing is to place them equitably to achieve perfect ambient illumination. Plants also play an important role, as in addition to decorating, some can help us achieve shade zones. In this case, we can place some tree or shrub.

On the other hand, if we opt for perennial plants, the maintenance will be easier since the pool will not get dirty with the dry leaves. In addition, seasonal plants for summer will bring light color and joy to the general decoration of the garden. Following these simple tips we will be able to enjoy the exterior of our home during the summer season. In addition, we will achieve a decoration suitable for the outdoor areas that have a swimming pool.