Remodeling a home requires careful planning and an ample amount of budget to carry the project to completion. There’s really a lot that you can do in terms of updating your house, but the windows are probably the ones that don’t get enough attention. Now that you’re reading this, you might be wondering if it’s high time to replace your old windows.

Before you start looking for new windows for your home, you need to know why you should get them repaired or replaced. How do you decide whether or not you need to get new windows? In this article, we will be discussing some of the reasons why you should consider having your windows replaced with a new set.


Replace or repair?

If you want to save money, one technique is to repair the windows first. Experts say that the average cost for window replacement in a regular household ranges from around $11,000 to $12,000. This can be a hefty price tag for homeowners who are looking into replacing all their windows.

Signs that you need new windows

There are, however, situations wherein a mere window repair just won’t do, and may in fact be more costly in the long run. Here are some telltale signs to show that it is time to replace the windows:

  1. You feel the outside air entering your home.

Aside from preventing road noise pollution, windows should be able to deter the outside draft to enter your home. If you feel some draft or air current inside your home even if the windows are closed, then it’s best to consider a window replacement.

  1. You see moisture or fog building up on your windows.

Although this scenario most usually occurs in double-pane windows, it’s really a good sign – or a bad one, depending on how you look at it – to replace your windows. Fogging happens when a leak or crack in the window allows the outside atmosphere to enter between the window panes.

  1. Your window has a crack or tear.

Speaking of leaks and cracks, it should be pretty obvious that discovering a crack on your window pane or frame is already a big reason to do window replacement fast. You don’t want the chilly winter air or small insects to enter your home through these cracks, do you?

  1. Your window gets stuck when you try to open it.

Whether it’s a crack on the window pane or a natural degradation of the frame, a window that gets stuck in an attempt to open it is another effective way to tell that you need to buy new windows. Although a stuck window may not sound like trouble, it’s usually an intermediate sign that tells you that something is wrong with the window.

  1. The temperature in your home isn’t regulated.

Your thermostat can only do so much to regulate the temperature inside your home. If your windows are not fixed properly or if they have leaks and cracks, the outside temperature will naturally affect how hot or cold it is inside. Windows in this kind of situation already have low efficiency, which could really hurt your energy bill.

You may think that window repairs may be cheaper, but the signs listed above are reasons enough to really consider getting a brand new set of windows for your home.