You’re home quietly and hear strange noises, as if someone tried to enter or he had already cast. At that time, it is normal to panic but not put off by it. Although it may be easier said than done, it is best to stay calm. So, here are some basic tips of the Catalan police to act if they come to steal home and you’re inside . Let’s talk about what do I do now when thieves at home.

1. Do not try to confront the intruder . Do not know if it’s an aggressive, dangerous, or if you are armed person. And while you at home can catch you by surprise, this can make you nervous and worsen your reaction. Better do as I say and not provoke him.

2. Try to remember all the details you can to be able to count after the police. Things like hair color, distinctive features, mark or tattoo, clothing, accent or something that says can be decisive to identify the intruder or intruders research and successful conclusion.

 what do i do now?

3. Look, if you can and safely in the direction in which flees . It can also be vital for the police to catch him. Doing so in a vehicle and you can see it is important to try to identify and target all you can: brand, color, registration …

4. Call the emergency number 112 as soon as possible without risk.

5. Do not touch anything until police arrive . Although it sounds a little detective series, should leave everything as it is for actors to do their job and gather the necessary evidence.

And if, when you get home, see something strange or find yourself forced the door or any window, do not touch anything and tell the police as soon as possible. Better than you do from a neighbor or from the street. When in doubt, do not go home just in case there is any intruder inside.

On the other hand, as is true the saying that prevention is better than cure, remember to have a good home insurance that will cover all damages if in any moment I may need. After such a fright, nothing better than to have it all figured out. If you go on vacation, we also give you tips to prevent being robbed at home .