Every year we have a number of different trends in home decorating. Here are some of the biggest trends this year!

Blinds Instead Of Curtains

There’s been a sizeable shift in the age-old blinds vs. curtains war this past year. In years gone by, people would opt for a nice set of curtains on their windows. Now, the focus has shifted to blinds. More and more people are buying blinds instead of getting curtains. I think this is down to a couple of things. The first is because blinds look a lot better. You can get various blinds and they all look cool and stylish. With curtains, you’re just getting one type of curtain and different styles. It means you have less to choose from. But, you can get blinds that open in different ways and also have different styles, it way more diverse.

The second reason is that blinds let in more natural light. People like to fill their rooms with natural light because it creates a better mood. There’s a freshness to natural lighting; your room feels a lot cleaner and better looking.

Less Is More

This is a massive home decorating trend! We’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more’ but what does it mean when applied to the home? Well, it means that you should stop filling your rooms with lots of stuff. Don’t put a massive coffee table in your living room and have loads of sofas and chairs. Make sure that your kitchen isn’t filled with clutter. When you have too much stuff in one room, there’s a lot going on. The room starts to feel cramped and you don’t tend to notice any of the other good aspects.

By putting less stuff in a room, you actually create a much better look. People won’t feel cramped and the room is more spacious. You’re able to focus on other impressive elements too. It’s a very modern style; you see it in a lot of new houses on the market.

home decorating(Link to image source: https://goo.gl/SuykcW)

Simplicity Is Key

Following on from less is more, simplicity is key. These two trends are fairly similar to one another. The difference is, I’m now talking about the style elements of your home. Whereas the above point is more to do with adding accessories to rooms. Instead of crazy wallpaper, people are opting for more simple styles. There’s no need for fancy patterns and a rainbow of colours, one or two primary colours will do. If you do want a pattern, it will often be very simple.

Similarly, there’s no time for funk carpets anymore. A complicated carpet design is not very trendy in this day and age. Instead, you’re looking at plain carpets or different flooring altogether. It may sound boring, but simple things will create a much better-looking interior to your home.

And there you have it, three home decorating trends this year. If you fancy giving your house a fresh new look, you should try out some of these things. I bet it will leave your home looking amazing!