After you have planted your garden, it is important to take some basic steps to care for your flower garden.

Your flower garden needs to have an adequate supply of water, sunlight, and fertile soil. Before you plant, make sure the soil has the required nutrients. When you purchase your plants or seedlings, the seed packet or the tag on the plants will have the information needed about how to plant your flowers.

Always make sure you plant the seeds, flowers, or bulbs at the correct depth. Make sure you do not put too much soil or mulch around the stem of your perennials or shrubs. Too much soil will cause the water to drain off instead of sinking into the ground. The stem may develop rot.

flower garden

You should mix perennials in your flower garden with annuals. Perennials grow and bloom for several years. Annuals have to be replaced each year. By planting perennials in your flower garden, you will always have blooms.

Check your blossoms periodically. When a flower fades, pinch or snip it off. The plant will then produce more flowers. Discard the dead flower. Do not drop it in your flower garden. Dead flowers can cause mildew which will attack your healthy plants.

Inspect your flowering plants for insect damage. There are good pests and bad pests. You want your flowers to attract butterflies, beetles and bees. How to Take Care of Your Flower GardenThey transfer pollen from one plant to another which fertilizes the plants. Other insects such as sow bugs and dung beetles, and other microorganisms provide nutrients for decomposing plant material. This adds nutrients to the soil for your growing plants.

Aphis will destroy your flowers. Insects such as lacewings and dragonflies are natural predators of insects such as aphis. You will want to see them around your flower garden to help keep your plants healthy.

Prune any dead or damaged branches. If you brush up against a fuchsia plant and it breaks, you can pot the branch and you will have a new plant.

Keeping your flower garden healthy is a key to your success as a gardener.