Most people buy security alarms to help deter thieves from breaking into your home. Home security alarms come in a variety of makes and models , including systems that turn lights on automatically when performing unusual movements in certain areas around the house. Once a technician install your alarm, learning to use it is the next step to ensure safety.
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Install the keyboard next to the door so that it is accessible to owners from inside the house. Install sensors on doors and windows. Most sensors are magnetic connections or cable that can be easily installed throughout the house. Make sure the perimeter of the house is composed of sensory detectors, if it comes with a security alarm system.

Test the security system alarm and show your family how to use it. Click the “Test” button in an ADT alarm system to test the alarm signal is functioning properly.
Click “Off” to indicate that there is no one inside the house, including pets. The alarm system protects both the inside and outside perimeter. When this button is pressed, make sure all doors and windows are locked and the alarm displayed on the screen the message “Ready to Arm”. You can also choose the “Stay” option to tell the alarm to people or pets remain on the perimeter of your house.

Tap the “Evening Retain” button to indicate that people stay inside at night. Press “Immediate” if you are staying at home and not expecting any visitors. The outer perimeter of the interior also will arm. Click the “Disable” button to disable the alarm in your home.

Notify the authorities selecting “Police” or “Fire”. Click “Skip” anytime leave one or more areas of your house not protected by the alarm system. Once selected, the areas which are assigned by number to select and omit are introduced. Click “Restart” to reboot or enter new passwords to activate and deactivate the alarm system in your home.