You do not know what colors to choose for a more summery and fresh touch to your home? Do not miss the following tips on decorating colors for summer . With the arrival of summer we can enjoy the joy of the good weather, increased daylight hours and good temperature. The decor of the home can also flood this joy if we incorporate the right colors. Therefore, we present the protagonists colors to decorate the house in summer.


Summer colors to decorate

Decoration in blue

The color blue conveys the feeling of freshness and cleanliness in our home. Furthermore, if we use soft tones, we achieve very peaceful and relaxing environment. A good example is the Mediterranean style is a style associated with the summer and the sea.

Green decor

Green is a color widely used when decorating for the many options it gives to combine. It is a color associated with nature and is a very valid for a touch of cheerful colored decoration option.

Decorated in yellow

The yellow color is closely related to the sun and good weather color. Therefore, it is a color that should be present when giving a summery touch to a room. But being a color so strong, it should be used with caution and without abusing lot.

Decoration orange

Orange is a color that transmits energy and strength, and can be a bit aggressive if not used correctly. To incorporate a summery without irrigation, a good way is to use in accessories like cushions or carpets. It can also be used for outdoor dishes or tablecloths.

Decorated in white

color that best helps give a sense of space and light it is white. And to achieve a decoration for the summer white is a color that can not miss. It helps to feel clean and helps further increase the lighting. Also it combines perfectly with the other colors we have mentioned.