Wall art is becoming an increasingly popular and easy way to add some points of interest to a blank wall. There are hundreds of unique ways that you can use to add color to your wall. Many of these ideas do not even require heavy effort or cash on your part. In this article I will discuss some stylish ways to use wall art decals.

Sick and tired of staring at those boring white walls? It is high time to bring some zest and freshness to your home. Your house should be as unique and special as you are. Unleash your creativity by exploring these stunning wall art ideas!

wall art

Wall Art Decals- A Creative and Easy Way to Spice up Your Walls

A creative wall decoration will liven up any room. Wall decals are fun DIY projects that will give you a chance to showcase your artistic side. Just make sure your choice of wall decal compliments rest of the décor. Wall decals are commonly made from vinyl or different laminates and consist of appliqués or stickers that can be applied to a wall in a particular format.

They are one-sided wall adhesive that come in various shapes, customized cutouts, letters, borders. Get your walls to match your individual tastes and style. These can be done at home, but you can also look for professional help.

Geometric Shapes

Modernize your walls by using geometric shaped wall decals. The advantage of using geometric designs is that you will have countless options when it comes to shapes, size and colors. Put together individual shapes to create interesting customized patterns. Geometric patterns are visually appealing. Use intricate designs or large one piece shapes; this will however depend on the look you are going for.

A word of advice though, if you opt for creating your own intricate pattern out of smaller shapes, be sure to give the project plenty of time. A wall decal that looks hastily put together looks worse than a plain, boring monochrome wall.

Some ideas include:

  • Colorful floating bubbles for a child’s room
  • Overlapping cubes above a living room sofa
  • A soft colored repetitive mosaic shape in a bathroom wall
  • Or opt for an under-the-sea look in a kid’s bathroom

Trees and Flowers and Branches!

Floral designs are a classic idea and they work in most rooms. These designs will work with most of the decor. Elements such as mushrooms, fruits and vegetables are perfect for kitchen walls if you are looking for a traditional look.

Tree branches, wispy grass and weed designs work well on living room walls. Another choice is a fruit laden or flower laden tree branch which draws attention to the wall.

Retro or Vintage Designs

Go Retro! And lend your walls a touch of timelessness. Wall art decals with vintage inspired themes are perfect for people who have quirky sense of design and want to individualize their space. Use creative images of vintage cars, motorcycles for a unique look. Or add go for a walk down the Victorian era lane and install a large horse carriage silhouette decal on your wall

Monograms and Logos

You can have your own designs made into wall art decals and use them on office walls or individual cubicles. Display your logo in the center of the wall or get tailor-made border decals with a miniature version of your logo/monogram being repeated like a pattern. You can also use your favorite sports team’s logo as a wall decal.

Animals, Insects and Characters

Decals of cute animals or cartoon characters are perfect for child-friendly houses, hospitals, day-care centers, etc. If you like cute animals then feel free to cutesy up your walls.

Wall art decals with animal and character elements will usually work best when used on their own. But, don’t distract from the character by placing too many decorative elements near it.

3D Art Decals

The 3D wall art decals will make your walls pop. These are amazing and lend a touch of optical illusion to the room. You will find most of the famous optical illusions (such as the Zöllner Illusion, Kanizsa Triangle, devil’s fork, and many more) as art decals.

Reasons Why Wall Art Decals Are a Decorating Must

  • Removable—(perfect for rentals, dormitories and people who update their decor often)
  • Will not leave behind a sticky residue on your walls
  • Easier and more convenient than painting your walls
  • Highly customizable designs, you can find brilliant designs online or get them custom-made
  • Available in many sizes and types
  • Some types can also stick to ceramics, metals and glass

Also called wall tattoos and vinyl surface art, these work like magic. We have given you just a few ideas. You can customize the suggestions in whatever ways you like. Use your imagination and as they say, the sky’s the limit!