What to do when we have a duplex but scarce meters in the room to place a ladder? The answer is very simple, we use the so bailed spiral staircases. This type of stairs is quite used indoors, mainly due to limited space may occupy. With just often enough, but to be precise we must measure the space you will occupy the ladder, by doubling the width of your stairs.


Benefits that we provide spiral staircases

Attached to the great benefit of saving square meters, it is also the possibility offered to let light through their steps, thereby reducing the darkness that provides a ladder with a common design. The assembly is extremely simple, both indoors and outdoors, because in most cases are almost assembled and ready to install.

Among others the benefits of the spiral stairs we have to mention the myriad of materials presented: metal, wood, cement, stone, and combinations thereof. Besides its usefulness this type of stairs can be seen as a decorative element, as there are designs that are truly captivating. The wide variety of finishes also provides the ability to integrate into any modern decor, except for homes with a classic or too refined, for those who do not have much room.

And once we know the theory, let’s practice. We leave you with a great selection of staircases specialists prefabricated stairs since 1970. These images are just a small sample of their catalog, but I anticipate that in him we find models to solve any type of requirement we may have.

Arkè spiral staircase Civik

The design of this staircase ideal for a modern industrial environment. Cast steel and powder painted, you can choose between a finish in black, white or gray. With an adjustable height, it includes twelve steps with anti-slip and wear panels, which can be placed between 252 and 305 cm.

Techne spiral staircase Linear Red

If you want innovation, lightness and strength, this design brings it all in one package. The Techne staircase is created using a technology that uses polymers and is innovative in the industry. The benefits are a lighter ladder, while its high resistance Did you get tired of having it in your living room and you want guaranteed place abroad? For the color application process uses a mixture also makes it resistant to wear and UV rays, so it can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Clan spiral staircase Arkè

Clan Arkè combines the colors of steel with solid beech of the steps, which can be chosen natural light or dark color. Railing although PVC is aluminum core also has a simulated wood finish, matching the colors of the steps. The steel elements like the bars of the railings can be chosen painted black, white or gray. Among other customization options, the amount of additional risers can be chosen to reach a maximum height of 306 cm.

Clip spiral staircase Fontanot

And we end with another very colorful and functional proposal, which does not go unnoticed in any interior. With a fresh and young design uses a system of fixing clamps, which does not require using spacers and greatly facilitates assembly. It is available in five vibrant tones of steel, so you can choose your favorite or the one that best matches in the room.