The air conditioning is a must in a country like ours, and even an absolute necessity in some regions of the Spanish geography, where the thermometers reach and often exceed 40 degrees in summer. If last winter we care closely by intelligent control systems of heating, it is logical that now, with the first heat, domotizar we want to find solutions for the air conditioning in our house, overlooking able to control it remotely.

air conditioning

An air conditioning, either a split or a centralized installation ducts, representing an expenditure of electrical energy that can be significant in some areas, the intense heat produced. Having the ability to remotely control our air conditioning machines therefore involves not only enjoy greater comfort in our home , but also save because we have the ability to turn on and off the air conditioning remote , according to our needs. In this article, we will give out different solutions for domotizar and remotely control our air conditioning systems.

Solutions domotizar splits air conditioning

If what we have in our house are split air conditioning (that thing we all know, usually on the wall, we deal with a remote control), we have two very interesting solutions for remote control simply:

Module with Z-Wave technology Remotec ZXT-120

It is compatible with this home automation protocol for controllers and Z-Wave Z-Wave device. Makes gateway between split air conditioning and our home automation system Z-Wave , so that a time included and configured, the module is responsible for measuring the ambient temperature in the room where it is installed and execute the orders we give from our home automation controller.

It acts as a remote control, the difference is that the installation be on our Z-Wave remote can control our split air conditioning (off, on, raise and lower the temperature, ventilation mode, etc.) and create home automation scenes (eg for air conditioning operate automatically, although we are not at home, if the temperature exceeds a certain level).