You’ve taken some great pictures over the years, but sit inside an album that never look or even worse, a directory on your computer. Take these pictures, put them in big size and use them to decorate your small apartment.

Art photo
One of your panoramic shots of the silhouette of a city, a cerulean coast or jungle wild spaces become art for your walls. Whether you break down the image into three separate panels and install them together as one large piece or take photography to poster size, you place the image behind the couch, bed or an accent wall, which makes the photos more prominent in and cover your decor small spaces in the apartment with a dramatic design.

small apartment with photos

Photo Wall
A wall of photographs of memories in various sizes, frames and locations can fill the wall from top to bottom. Or pick twelve favorite photos and make it fit like a clock on the wall. Add a set of handcuffs clock battery in the middle, and you always have the correct time. Another variation includes block a section of the wall, paint it a contrasting color and have similar framed photographs and coupled within the block, and then add molding around the sample.
Furniture photo
As space is limited, use pictures to decorate several pieces of furniture in the apartment. For example, a kitchen table can contain images of family and friends stuck under a glass top, while a coffee table can display scenic photographs of sites you’ve visited with decoupage a countertop, and covered by a piece of glass. In the bedroom, use of space on the sideboard, dresser or closet, and placed framed photographs above.

Fabric Photo
Decorate the apartment with cloths photo. You have two methods to transfer pictures to fabric; You can print directly to fabric or an ironing paper transfer. As a small space, this process allows you to continue a design theme making layers in physical space already used. A scenic photograph can become your cafe curtain or a pillow on the couch, while a family photo may be an extra blanket for the bed.