Surely you’ve heard of the saying that your eyes are too big for your stomach, but considering the way you overindulge, it would be more appropriate to say that your eyes are too big for your house. Between new clothes, extra furniture, and a miscellaneous collection of stuff, you’re running out of room in your home.

The simple solution is to go through a big sweep of your house and get rid of the stuff that you don’t need or want anymore. But that’s easier said than done. There was a reason why you bought every single item currently vying for space in our house; just because there’s hardly any room left doesn’t change that fact. It can be difficult to get rid of something knowing you’ll need it eventually.


Luckily, there’s a better way to fix your space problems. If you live in Thornhill, then you can place your extra belongings in a self storage unit. They’re a great spot for your seasonal wardrobe, decorations, or DIY furniture projects that you intend to tackle in the future. When you don’t need them, they’ll be secured away in a personal storage unit, opening up critical space in your home. When you do need them, you can easily remove them from your unit and return them to your space.

In Thornhill self storage units are an incredibly easy addition to your properties. Whether you need a small or large space for a long or short amount of time, there’s an option that’s perfect for your needs. If all you need to store is your family’s seasonal clothing, then there are storage units as small as a single closet; if you have larger pieces of furniture to put away, then there are storage units that can fit a whole house’s worth of stuff.

Regardless of how much stuff you plan to store, you have the right to expect it will be safe. A reputable storage unit should offer a comprehensive security plan to ensure your stored belongings are safe. At the very least, the facility you choose should have 24/7 surveillance on their brightly lit property. Check out Abacus storage centre in Thornhill to discover what additional security measures will keep your belongings safer than they would be in your home. Their security involves regular in-person sweeps of their properties, electronic fences, and monitored alarms.

When you know your belongings are safe, you’ll have no worries about placing them in a self storage unit. Secure and easy to access, it will act like an extension of your home. So if you’ve found your appetite for stuff has surpassed your space for it, don’t throw anything out. Keep your extra clothes and furniture in a self storage unit.