Buying a home is a luxury especially in difficult times where we hear the word “crisis” everywhere. A home is an asset that generates a long-term mortgages represent years of work for payment of housing. You know that there are several ways of saving to invest in their own homes, and in this article saving for a house . Ready to discover?

Plan your expenses for every need. To save for a home is important to have a thorough control of expenses which you do every day; you can estimate a monthly figure for family outings and enjoyment of the home as well as for extra shopping, trying to never leave the budget you’ve set.

saving for a house

Compare prices . You can start by choosing the type of house you want (and can afford) and the place where it is located. This last point is very important especially if you want a brand new flat and lower prices. The central areas have more expensive apartments. It is important to know how much mortgage you will, therefore, in this article we tell you how calculate the mortgage payment .

Buy flats to restore is an option that many people take today because they come cheaper. Having a refurbished floor raises the price of housing above what it cost reform. Dare to choose an apartment to reform and previously draws the accounts, budgets asks what it takes to reform the way you want.

Companies are always fighting for reform to better budget your prospects. In this article we tell you how to save on the reform of your floor .

Note that in addition to saving for buying the floor, also have to book some of the money for other expenses you have to take from the mortgage; those who do not always know as life insurance , a policy that in case of death of the head of the mortgage frees of loads to their families.

In this sense, it is advised that you have estimated a budget of 20% above the value of the property. Remember that there are a number of expenses related to the purchase of housing you should do mandatory. The so called purchases and taxes expenses including paperwork, lawyers and efforts.

Makes a counteroffer if it is a floor that has been inhabited. Go run a lower proposal is within the parameters of the property value. It is important to advise well and compare properties of the same features to make your own proposal. You could save a substantial amount of euros.

Compare mortgage , your bank may not always be the best option for your mortgage. Make a comparison of bank mortgages will give you more convenient options, including an easier depending on your type of employment contract, salary and initial capital. True, you can also negotiate with your bank the price of the mortgage, so you know how to do see our article that tell you how to negotiate a mortgage with the bank .

The best advice. Give as big as getting a mortgage can be the most important event of your life step. If you feel you can manage it with ease, then do it! Parents should not feel repressed month for failing to pay the mortgage, or fail to pay other expenses that are necessary for you. Invest with awareness so you can accomplish your goals.