Winter arrives and with it, the concern for the heating bill. All have reached us tips and tricks to save on that side and keep keep warm in winter leaves us dearly. However, even with the best intentions, not all tricks are worth. So in RACC we explain what really works and councils that do not work. Lets talk about Save on heating bill.

If last year did not stay satisfied with the service or prices, assessing whether other company can offer something better. Contrary to what you can tell, changing electric or gas company should not entail costs . If you decide to do, the new company will typically assume the negotiations.

save on heating bill

Install a thermostat and the temperature suited to the times. It is true that out cheaper to keep the heat at a constant temperature that turn on and off . It is best to turn it off at night and when you’re at home, and turn it on only when you are going to take advantage. And when you turn it on, remember that it is advisable to 20-21º. Thereafter, the more degrees, more consumption, and also dries the environment more.

You do not need heating running throughout the house to keep it heated . In the rooms you do not use, close the radiator or turn it off using the thermostat. With the doors closed properly so as not escape the heat, the rooms you want to be well continentals and will not spend much.

Double check doors and windows : no matter whether they are small or not notice if they are not well insulated, heat escapes out there . Double glazed, we can reduce this loss by 50%.

If you want to replace your boiler, do not worry about the radiators . Although there is a belief that condensing boilers need larger radiators, standard size are fully supported.

And if you love sustainable energy and want to invest in solar energy, you need not worry. The solar panels can contribute to the heating system . You will not notice much savings as the hot water, but still can become 40%.

The radiators are good for drying . They can help in a time of trouble, but it’s advisable to hang clothes outdoors and not to cover the radiator, as this hinders the emission of energy and reduces its performance.

Sunlight is a very important source of heat . While it is true that night blinds and curtains help to leave the cold outside during the day do not put obstacles and let enter the light and heat of the sun through the windows.

With these tips, this year the bills related to heating should lose at least a little. It is also important to be calm in the maintenance of facilities, and the RACC home insurance can be pregnant: review the facilities and the safety of your home each year, free.