Most people decorate your rustic living room according to use. If you prefer a comfortable life and image, you might consider creating a rustic living room with lots of goodies to help you show your personality and the personality of your family. It is very easy to create a rustic living room.


Choose a style. No matter how many rustic elements, old or antique put in your living room; if properly together, the final image will not be adequate. You need to select a topic. Country, cowboy, farm or Indian are rustic themes to choose from. It can be basically anything you want, provided it is old. Once you’ve chosen the style, you need to keep.

rustic living room

Change your carpet . Analyze what type of flooring would be appropriate for your topic. Maybe tile with carpet . Up to you, but consider your style when choosing new flooring. If you have a relatively simple floor (you have a budget that allows you to change the floor), you can do that matches the style if you add a carpet with the appropriate topic. Go to your local flooring store in search of advice.

Change the walls. This will make a noticeable difference when you decorate your living room. You can paint them a color or method that is appropriate for your style, or visit the shop local tapestries to find an ideal location for your new rustic living room wallpaper. If you have standard white walls and do not want to change the paint, okay. Just remember to decorate the room with art and appropriate frameworks.

Choose the appropriate furniture. If you have a Victorian sofa, probably not combine with your new living room of jeans. Keep the consistency of your topic. Choose sofas, chairs and tables that are basic and can go with various furniture styles that go perfectly with your new decor. If you can not afford new furniture, covered call. Add a bit of a theme with sheets, comforters or pillows that make the room remains combined.

Add personality. It’s time to pull out the old stuff. No need to be in perfect condition. If they were, there would be rustic. Just make sure that your collection of rustic accessories fit well together and apply the theme. Do not forget to include the walls. You can hang this fabulous quilt on the wall. You can hang baskets from the ceiling or wall. Be creative with braces. Make your living room is a statement of your personality.