With clients and potential customers you only get one chance to make a first impression, so making sure that you attend to each and every detail of your office decor is important. Your guests must feel comfortable, you should have a plethora of natural light if possible, and your waiting area must offer the visitor a credible glimpse of how you intend to conduct business with them. If your office is older and outdated it is time to give your workplace a facelift for the New Year so that you can deliver the right message to your clients and visitors. Let’s take a look at how you can make the right impression with the office space you have available.

Use Technology

Since technology is the new norm in office settings, you should make sure that your clients can have access to the Internet as they wait for their appointment with you. You can also incorporate adverts for your company into a digital presentation that runs continuously on a television screen in the office area. This presentation can welcome your client by name, introduce them to your company, and can give them a brief overview of what your business is about. This will send a clear message to your client or potential customer regarding how you will take care of them and their needs with your professional expertise.

Office Space

Comfort is the Key

Your visitors should not have to wait long for their appointment, but when they are seated in reception you want them to be comfortable. Provide sturdy and convenient seating that helps them relax as they attend to other tasks whilst waiting on their appointment. You should also furnish charging stations for their electronic devices and make sure there are some more private areas should your client need to make a telephone call.

Lighting is Important

Because the visitors to your office may want to work on other tasks as they wait in your reception area, you should have good lighting available. You can use interesting lamps, pendant lights, and if you want a direct source for natural light – add a light tunnel which beams light right into the workplace; this type of light is also an excellent conversation starter for your clients and staff to share. By visiting www.windowstoreplastics.co.uk you can learn all about light tunnels, where they are best used, and some of the features that they bring to an office area.

Making the right impression with your reception area is a must if you are to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Clients are seeking partners that can offer them comfort, convenience, and customer care that is second to none as they conduct their business. By incorporating some of the ideas mentioned above into your workplace environment you can attract and retain visitors who feel that your business is the one that can serve them the best.