When you live in a rental property, you often can’t make too many dramatic redecoration changes. You may not be able to attach things to the walls or give your room a new paint job. There are ways around decor in rental properties; you just need the right products. These tips will help to make your walls do the talking in your home.

Stage Your Shelving

With the right mindset you can use your empty surfaces to make your home feel like it has been clipped from the pages of a magazine. If you treat every item you display as something prized that you want to share with the world, you’ll automatically have a more positive and creative mood when you begin arranging items. The most important part of staging your shelves is to avoid unnecessary clutter. Even if you have tidy rooms otherwise, clutter on shelvings will make a property feel small and chaotic. Tidy shelves do not mean you must be over-organised, it’s possible to have many items and still have a great looking room. Mixing larger objects and unusual shapes will help to create fantastic focal points. You can also mix up your patterns and play around with spacing until you’re happy with the design.

No nails? No problem!

If you aren’t allowed to put any holes in your walls to hang pictures, notice boards and other decorative elements, there is a way round it. There are several different materials available that allow you to attach things to walls without leaving a mark. These materials come in the form of tape, adhesive strips, specialised glue and more. Non-intrusive nail alternatives are a great way to get creative and personalize your walls. You can even use some materials to put up shelving and heavy canvases. Remember, it is always good practice to speak with your landlord or property management before making any decorative changes. Especially is you think that they may have a permanent or semi-permanent effect. If you’re not sure what to put on your walls, read our post on ideas for decorating a small apartment with photos for inspiration.

Try Temporary Coverings

As we mentioned, there are various materials you can use to attach things to your wall. But did you know there is also a variety of temporary wall coverings and stickers available? These stickers and coverings are sometimes known as wall decals. It sounds scary adding anything to the walls. However, these tools are designed so that they don’t leave any residue behind when you move. One clever way to use wall coverings is to decorate a feature wall with an interesting pattern or colour. Stickers are great as they come in various forms, as images or quotes. If your rental property has any large blank walls, a wall sticker that is a quote or abstract design can inject an instant spark of personality into the room.

What do you think of our advice? Take the plunge and share your decorating efforts and tips with us. Remember, although you don’t own a rental property you still live there. Making it feel more ‘you’ will make it a more homely place to live.