A career in the home can be very rewarding. People working in this field have an important role in helping people find a home, or to provide important safety tips thereof. The community served by housing professionals often are disadvantaged and assistance to improve their living conditions. Many people need help in obtaining rental housing or even locate affordable housing to buy.

Housing Specialists
A housing specialist is a professional who works for companies in real estate development or government agencies such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD, for its acronym in English) for affordable housing for qualified residents. Those who work with companies in real estate development usually ensure that people have submitted applications to HUD have done in a timely and accurate manner.

careers in housing

Specialists working for the housing HUD generally play a role in working with real estate organizations and other agencies to provide training on the requirements of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA, for its acronym in English). These professionals also perform a variety of administrative tasks such as make sure that the guides, manuals and other training materials meet the necessary guidelines. Housing Specialists must have some experience in interpreting policy management of single-family homes FHA. HUD requires one year of specialized experience. In November 2010, the usajobs.gov website showed the pay range for this type of position between U.S. $ 73,848 and U.S. $ 96,001 per year.


Specialist monitoring of equal opportunities
A specialist of equal opportunities working for the Department of HUD and serves as part of the implementation area of the department. These specialists work to administer the programs of the departments that are in line with the Fair Housing Act 1964 Housing Act 1974 and Community Development and other federal equal opportunity to prevent discrimination in the granting process federally backed loans. The specialist of equal opportunity serves as principal investigator on an alleged breach researcher. It also plays a supervisory role in the office, managing both staff and resources. One year of experience in this type of work is required, along with a clearly demonstrated the rules of fair housing knowledge of the federal government. Research skills, study and writing are also required to fill one of these positions, and it is management experience.
Project Manager
Managers of the Department of Housing and Urban Development project review applications for mortgage insurance, and the grant and credit creation. They are also responsible for the coordination of several HUD projects, and new construction projects, rehabilitation of multifamily projects that require extensive rehabilitation of residential property. In other words, the project manager oversees a range of different activities from HUD. The project manager serves as a liaison between HUD and other government agencies engaged in various projects. They also work to solve problems related to customer service. Project managers need a year of experience in handling loans for multifamily projects of all kinds, as well as property management and financial analysis.