Renew a small cabin can sue the same time, energy and money that big a house. Structural changes, cosmetic changes, accessories and furniture affect the necessary resources to turn dreams into reality. Decide whether to renovate the exterior or interior, developing a budget and prioritize friendly renovation plans. Ideas can range from a few hours require organization at no cost to spend thousands of dollars on major structural changes.

small cottage

Ideas Inexpensive Interior

A fresh coat of interior paint gives new life to the walls for little money. Choose a light color like ivory, semi-matt or bone will give more light to the rooms of a small cabin, making it appear larger. Organize and take large furniture will cost you nothing and will increase the space. Enlarges a room by removing heavy drapes or other materials that cover the windows and block natural light. Replace them with woven, transparent curtains or blinds.


Inexpensive ideas for outdoor

Paint the outer walls and the front door is an inexpensive way to improve the appeal of the cabin. Colorful planters window flower boxes and containers on the sides of the front door is a welcoming sight. Add shutters to the side windows to give a decorative look without spending too much money. Place white wicker chairs with colorful cushions on the front porch gives a picturesque air to the cabin.




Potted plants and vases with fresh flowers bring life to any room. Replaces an old photograph of a painting or a metal sculpture for quick and easy resurfacing. Carpets, furniture, new bedding and ceramic colors give a new character to a room. Changing a lamp with a new, more stylish, instantly cools a room.


Major renovations

Completely demolish the interior of a cottage and rebuild plan is the most expensive and longest. Remove a wall creates more space in a small cabin, but needed to hire professionals who can do the work of demolition and reconstruction. Replace a worn carpet hardwood floors will give more value to the cabin and also a classic touch. Add under floor heating will keep the house cozy in winter.