The correction fluid or liquid paper is basically a fast drying white paint that is used basically to hide or correct spelling mistakes we make when writing on paper. It is a product often used by students in school and, therefore, very often they end up staining his clothes with him, and even other objects or surfaces. If you want to know how to get correction fluid stains easily and safely.


Correction fluid stains on the car

If you have stained the surface of your car with a liquid concealer, put into practice the following trick cleaning to avoid damaging the body. You need a bit of polishing paste to apply on the area with the help of a soft cloth.

Rather, you should avoid using turpentine as it could damage the car’s paint and worse. In the event that the amount of correction fluid is quite important, you can try a swab in some rubbing alcohol to try to soften the stain. Be careful and try to do it in an inconspicuous area of ​​the car if the painting itself is sensitive to alcohol.

Correction fluid stains on clothing

To remove stains from clothing corrector , it is best to imbibe alcohol or acetone-free nail polish remover on a cotton pad and apply to the stain very well. Once the stain is softened, rinse the garment in warm water and finally washed with soap garment. It is likely that if the stain is widespread, Debas perform the procedure several times, or you can try to apply the alcohol with a soft brush.

Correction fluid stains on the wall

. If you have little ones at home and one of them has stained the wall with a correction fluid, the following method can be of help Soak a cloth with alcohol and slowly pass it over the stains; once this tender, pass a brush and then passed back cloth soaked in alcohol. For that you can use paint thinner on this product may also remove stains from the walls checker.