Mildew stains clothing appear, especially when we keep the still wet clothes in the drawer or closet or when we piled into a pile long after removal of the washer rather than hang them or introduction into the dryer. Although the appearance of mold on our clothes is, something that should concern us it is easy to prevent it from appearing. Be sure to never leave wet clothes stacked long time and never goals wet clothes in the closet. A classic case is tucking pants or coat brings street stalls in the closet after a rainy day and that as a rule they are wet or damp.


If your closet is in a very damp area rust proof and even keeping the house dry clothes appears to put a dehumidifier in the closet. There are some dehumidifiers with double function, which also absorb excess moisture perfume. Usually they based on calcium chloride, which absorbs excess moisture from the environment and transforms it into a liquid that is stored in a tank. They are rechargeable, and usually change every month or month and a half depending on the size of the cabinet.

Products to remove mold from clothes

Once mold appeared on clothing, there are a few ways to remove it. Beyond specific mold, which are mostly used in laundry detergents, we can choose more common (and economic) solutions such as bleach, vinegar or baking. The first thing to keep in mind, regardless of the product that we use is that whenever possible will wash clothes in hot water.

High temperatures help kill mold effectively and potential allergens that have been left in the laundry. After the first wash, we tend clothes in the sun as heat and sunlight also help remove mold while doing a bleaching effect. If a first washing we have not finished with mold we will complete a second cycle of washing a priori it is more than enough.

Remove mold from clothes with bleach

If items that we use can be washed with bleach, do it. In addition, today we can find both bleaches for colored clothes as white. To remove mold from clothes with bleach, let the clothes soak with water and bleach for a couple of hours and then will wash in the washing machine with hot water. Soak a general rule a solution of 100 ml of bleach per 10 liters of water will suffice, but it is better to follow the directions of each manufacturer due to different densities. Another option is to add the bleach directly into the specific box for this product has all the washing machines.

Remove mold from clothes with vinegar

Vinegar is a powerful rust remover, and usually ends with the mold that appears on clothing. Suffice it to add a cup of white vinegar in the washing machine in the box softener. In addition, vinegar is also used to make soft clothes, so you can use it whether you have mold or not.

If the mildew stain is very large, it is best to let the black clothes in a basin of water with a cup of vinegar for an hour. Then they will wash as usual in the washing machine and forget not to add another cup of fabric softener in the drawer.