Felling a tree is hard enough, and after the tree removal is complete, and all the wood is cut up and taken away, one is left with the stump, and this is not an easy thing to remove. Many years ago, this was back breaking work with axes that could take a few days, depending on the size of the tree. Fortunately, there are modern solutions to tree stump removal, and here are 4 methods that are commonly used today.

  1. Dig out the stump

The hardest and most time consuming way to remove a stump is by digging it out of the ground. Start by digging around the tree, about one foot from the stump surface, and eventually, the tree roots should become visible. Use an axe to chop through these when they are exposed, and if this is completed around the tree, it should be enough to kill the stump. Then it can be prised out with a pickaxe or crowbar. This method might not be suitable with a large stump, and if in any doubt, consult a tree surgeon, who can tell you the best method for removing the stump.


  1. Chemical stump remover

This method requires a series of holes to be drilled, equally spaced, on the top of the stump. One would want to use the largest possible drill bit, as these holes will be filled with a special chemical that kills the stump. Most chemical stump removal comprises of potassium nitrate, which when mixed with water, rots the wood and accelerates the decaying process. Follow the instructions on the label, and make sure that children and pets are kept away from the stump, as ingesting the chemical is dangerous.

  1. Stump grinding

This has to be the quickest and easiest way to totally remove the stump and the roots. One can hire a small stump grinder, but if the idea doesn’t appeal, for those who live in Western Australia, stump grinding by Perth Arbor Services is probably the easiest way to get the job done, and with a comprehensive service, there will be nothing of the stump when they have finished. The machine has a disc of carbon teeth that spin at high speed, and the rotating blades are gently lowered onto the stump, and usually will go down to about 300mm, which effectively allows the pulp to be removed.

  1. Burn the stump out

This is not recommended in the hot season, or in any area where lighting fires is prohibited, and if in any doubt, consult the fire department before lighting any fires. If there are no restrictions, then build the fire around the stump, and light it. It takes a few hours to burn a stump out, so keep adding wood to keep the fire going, and when the stump catches fire, it will slowly burn down to the ground.

If the tree has to be removed first, there are tree services in Perth who can do the job safely, and they have all the right equipment, plus they are fully insured, which is essential when doing tree work.