The hall is usually a complicated area of the house, since it is normally small and has little natural light. In addition, it does not offer too many decorative possibilities. Therefore, we must choose the color or colors of the walls carefully. In addition, as you know, the colors do not only have much influence on our mood, but also significantly affect the perception of space.


How could it be otherwise, we should start talking about the white, more color chosen not only to paint the walls of the hall, but the rest of the house. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most suitable colors for this area as it expands the space visually and enhances brightness.



One of the main drawbacks is that the target can be somewhat cold. So if you want your receiver to transmit warmth you can opt for beige, which also will help you convert this space into a much cozier place. In addition, the beige also allows the rooms look bigger than they really are and helps to give more light to the environment. It combines perfectly with wooden furniture and is ideal for foyers rustic, but you can also use it in rooms decorated with other styles.


Of course, we must also talk about the gray, a color that has had much prominence in 2016 and continue to do so over the next year. Versatile and timeless it is ideal to give this area home a touch of elegance. Yes, it is preferable to opt for lighter shades of gray especially if the hall is small and does not get much natural light. On the other hand, we want to mention that this color matches perfectly with white and black in addition to wood.

Pastel shades

As you have seen, the neutrals are the most recommended to paint the walls of the hall. Of course, if these colors seem too boring, you can also opt for pastel shades which will allow you to give this area of your home a touch of romance and sweetness. It is also important that you consider that these colors are very fashionable right now. You can choose pink blue yellow green. Of course, you should know that it is much less versatile and timeless than previous tones.

Depending on the adjoining room

Of course, you can also choose to paint the walls of the hall the same color as the walls of the adjacent rooms. In fact, this is the most recommended for tickets that are fully attached to these rooms, ie, that they do not have doors or walls. In this way, you will achieve a continuity very flattering space.

Accent wall

Finally, we propose to decorate your hall with an accent wall ie, painting a single wall of color flashy or dark. Of course, if you decant this alternative try to paint the other walls a neutral shade. A safe bet is to combine accent wall with blank walls.