Maintain a comfortable temperature at home during the hot months does not have to be synonymous with power consumption that is triggered by the use of air conditioning. Applying minimal precautions, the impact on the electricity bill and the environment can be minimized. When temperatures rise and with them the apparatus air conditioning start to get up increases the energy consumption of homes and offices and its impact directly on the electricity bill the health of people and the environment.

Recommendations to enjoy the air conditioning

To minimize this impact in countries like Japan, for example, there is a cool campaign biz forcing employees of Japanese institutions to come to work comfortably and summer clothes to keep office temperatures around 28 degrees and reduce the use of air conditioning. This initiative, launched by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in the summer of 2005, gained special relevance from the summer of 2011 following the Fukuyama nuclear crisis in March.

Without having to go to these lengths if you are thinking of installing an air conditioner at home or in the office or already have one here are some tips to enjoy the air conditioning temperature during the warm months without that excessively affecting the electricity bill and the environment.

Buy a computer

If you have to buy an air conditioner, keep in mind its energy rating. Appliances labeled with “A” class are more expensive, but consume almost 50% less electricity. Similarly, purchase equipment or adequate equipment to the space you need. Calculates cubic meters of stay and note that, depending on the space you want to cool is likely to need more than one device.

Ideal temperature

The recommended to  enjoy the air conditioning temperature in summer is between 24 ° C and 26 ° C, depending on the humidity. However, regardless of that for every degree of more or less, consumption can vary around 8%, it is important to know that is not healthy that there is a temperature difference with the top at 12 ° C outside.

Proper maintenance

The maintenance of equipment is critical not to decrease its energy performance. It is advisable to clean the filters at least once or twice a month.

Thermal isolation

Having a good air conditioner and keep, it in good condition will be of little use if the house is not properly insulated thermally. It is very important to check that no energy losses through windows and doors leading to the outside, and use awnings and blinds to minimize excessive heating of the house. In this sense, it is also essential ventilate the house both morning and evening.