If you’re searching for a place to live which is close to the attractions of London but far enough away to have its own identity, where do you look? London is a big place and its surroundings, including the county of Essex, offer many opportunities for families and couples looking to set up home. If you feel like you’re never going to find the perfect place, think again. Are you overlooking one particular Essex town? Find out more about Brentwood and what it offers house-hunters.

  1. Brentwood Benefits from Fast Transport Links

Brentwood is far enough from the London suburbs to have its own identity but it benefits from some excellent transport links, particularly rail links into Liverpool Street – a journey that takes around 30 minutes. Brentwood is located just off the M25 at Junction 2, meaning it is easy to reach by car. Brentwood is therefore popular with commuters.


  1. Brentwood has a Fine History

It’s not just modern Brentwood that impresses – historic Brentwood is also interesting. A settlement at Brentwood can be traced back to the Saxon era when the town was positioned on a popular crossroads between the road to London from Colchester and the road to Canterbury taken by pilgrims. The town grew to offer facilities for travellers and developed into the settlement that it is today. Brentwood was home to an army base until the mid-20th century and even housed an elephant training school for the East India Company.

  1. Brentwood Boasts Open Spaces

In particular, Shenfield Common is a tranquil setting for a walk or a game with the kids. With lake and woodland, the Common is close to the high street but peaceful and green. The Borough of Brentwood is particularly green with woodland and rivers, three country parks, and plenty of farmland which makes you feel you are further away from London than you actually are. A short journey out from Brentwood by car or train brings you into more countryside – Essex has some beautiful, secluded spots to relax and get some fresh air.

  1. Brentwood Provides a Full Range of Amenities

The high street has the usual selection of chain stores, supermarkets, cafes and bars. Restaurants include Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Prezzo as well as some independent names. In terms of leisure amenities, Brentwood offers a golf course, gyms and leisure centres, swimming pools, and the Brentwood Centre which is located to the west of the town centre and has its own concert hall.

  1. Brentwood Villages Offer Country Living

If country life is more your style, you can find pretty properties in villages like Blackmore, Herongate, South Weald, and Great Warley. According to BeresfordsGroup.co.uk, property in Brentwood and the surroundings is available in a range of price bands. Houses in Brentwood itself are available in terraces and on new-build estates, while the villages offer larger houses with gardens. Brentwood represents good value for families and commuters who want to be close to the city of London but in calmer, more spacious surroundings.