Grey is a quiet and serene color, perfect for a relaxant room. But the gray itself can be boring or sad. It combines gray with shades of purple and gray room will have life and have a sophisticated, modern look, but with a quiet day at the end of your environment. You can control the intensity of the room with gray tones and purple you chose. The pale colors can be soft and sophisticated, the bright or dark tones give a modern and bold style. Find the perfect match for your style and make the room of your dreams.

Purple and gray room


Paint the walls of your room in a light gray tone. Find a shade with warm undertones, as the cold gray can look dark and cold when there is no light.


Dress up the floor with a mat with design in gray and purple, with a little black to give an extra touch and white. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a simple abstract design of lines or dots, or a combo setting and design.
Covers the morning sun with white curtains if you want a light and cheerful atmosphere; dark to a more traditional, modern or Asian touch gray; or dark purple for a bold, modern look.

Choose white wood furniture and wicker for a softer look, opt for black or chrome finished touches if you want a modern style.

To use your bed linens in white or light gray, highlighted with a design that complements the style you are creating. Flowers are typical for a picnic or feminine appearance; the lines or angular designs give a modern twist. Choose a blanket or bedspread on strong colored purple or gray, and add touches of white and light tones for pillows .

Hang artwork you like, looking images with purple. The pictures of silver or chrome contrasted with pale gray walls.

Finish decorating with some memorabilia in the room. Search vases, candles and other items that you like in purple, gray or silver. White or black accessories also look good with purple and gray decor.