If you’re looking to resell your home in Toronto, or you’re simply interested in having a beautiful property, you know that curb appeal—whether residential or commercial—is extremely important in today’s market. However, maintaining any property (especially vast tracts of land) can be a time consuming and expensive enterprise. The state of your lawn, flower beds, trees, and gardens will all enhance your overall property value, but that means spending a considerable amount of time keeping it in healthy condition. Watering your property can be extremely expensive, but it’s necessary throughout the hot summer months when heat waves can destroy your investments.

Irrigation systems and commercial sprinklers are a great way to cut back costs and save time when watering your lawn or garden. Depending on the type of plants and trees on your property, the soil type and exposure to sunlight and shade, you’ll need a custom-designed automatic sprinkler system. The best companies in Toronto will work with the specific requirements of your own unique landscape to properly allocate and distribute water in an even and effective way. Creating a site plan for your property will ensure a lush and vibrant outdoor space and eliminate those unsightly brown spots from overexposed or under-watered plant life.

Proper Irrigation Systems

All professionally installed sprinkler systems in Toronto include the proper sprinkler heads needed to reach out of the way or hard to access corners of your property. These systems will also be completely automated, controlling the amount of water used and the amount of water pressure necessary. Contrary to popular belief, an automatic sprinkler system actually saves water—or at least uses less than the amount wasted if you try to water a large lawn with a hose or a standard sprinkler. Advanced sensors will even shut off the sprinklers if it begins to rain, sensing an adequate amount of moisture in the soil and saving you even more money on your water bill. This means you can leave your home for extended periods and not ever worry about forgetting to turn off a sprinkler or having to rush home in case of a storm.

Over the long run, a sprinkler system will cost less time, effort, and money. Sprinklers will efficiently cover either a large or small area with the exact amount of water they are programmed to deliver. This is done while planning the installation and can be considered a controlled cost. The time saved by not having to hand-water a lawn or garden will be enormous, especially with a larger Toronto property, which would naturally take more time or require the work of multiple employees, each with his or her own salary and requirements.