It’s important for us to feel safe and secure in our homes. It’s the one place that should be able to do that for us. However, whether you own the property you live in or not, things can go wrong. Sometimes they are small problems, other times they can cause major damage. Physically and mentally. So I thought I would share with you some of the most common causes of problems in the home and add a few tips on how to combat them.

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The weather can be a huge factor when it comes to damage in the home. The sun can provide problems when it comes to water shortage. The adverse cold weather can create problems with pipes causing them to burst or leak. When it comes to problems with pipes or your water in general, then calling a Plumber would be your best bet.

Weather doesn’t just stop at water problems, though. Storms can cause damage to brickwork and foundations. Tornados can leave devastating damage in it’s trail. Too much rain can cause riverbanks and lakes to burst. Flooding and water damage can be severe. The weather is unpredictable, so it’s just advisable to take as many precautions as possible.


Neglecting the home you live in can equally cause your problems in the future. This could be down to you never being there, and it just remaining empty. Or not carrying out any necessary maintenance to keep the property up to scratch. This could mean brickwork is falling away, damage to foundations and even allowing other critters to make their home there. If your property stays empty for long periods of time, it’s advisable to keep a regular check on the place. Maintaining it as and when it needs it.


Fire once again is something you can’t predict happening. But it can cause lasting damage and problems in the home. Especially if you are not around to call in the fire brigade to resolve the issue. Fire proofing your home is one way to avoid any such disasters. Making sure your electrics are wired correctly, and you use kitchen appliances like the stove safely.

Other people

People, other than your family, can be your biggest defenders when it comes to problems in the home. Other people can be the cause of burglary, damage, and graffiti. To name a few. The damage that people can cause can be the most upsetting. Mostly this is because it is a situation where someone had a choice. Not like the weather. The best thing to do is add some security systems to your home. To try and avoid it from happening. However, unfortunately, we can’t control people’s actions.


Finally, children can be cute, but they can cause many problems in the home. They can damage things without thinking. Especially if you haven’t got both eyes on them. Kids will be kids and while their actions many not be malicious, it’s worthy to keep a close on them eye at all times.