If you have just moved to a new property or are bored of your old bathroom design and fancy a change, then you are in the right place.

Your bathroom should be somewhere you love, not somewhere you merely put up with. You want a bathroom space that is calming and well designed, somewhere that resembles your own personal haven.

If you are stuck for ideas about the perfect style of bathroom for you, consider going with a modern design. You might not think that modern is your thing, but there is nothing more calming and relaxing than a simplistic and clean space.

To transform your dull bathroom into your own private haven – a space you love, keep reading below:

 bathroom-decorPhoto source: Flickr

Keep it simple

For a modern bathroom design that is as calming as it is stylish, the key thing to remember is that simplicity is crucial. In a modern bathroom space, there should be lots of open, organic space that is clean, tidy and most importantly, free of clutter.

To keep things as neat and simple as possible, built in shelving and storage should be used to store any personal items. Things like soaps, shampoos, and shavers shouldn’t be on show in a modern bathroom.

Be careful with decor

Don’t make the mistake of overfilling the space with too much decor, instead keep things minimalist and simple.

To add light and style to the space, why not have a floor to ceiling mirror hung on the wall? For wall prints, stick to modern, geometric styles. Don’t try to add color to the space, instead opt for monochrome accessories, like towels.

Add a freestanding bath

For modern bathroom designs, a freestanding bathtub is a must. There’s something relaxing about a freestanding tub, so these are ideal for creating a bathroom that is also a haven.

For modern bathroom designs, balance is everything, so make sure to think carefully about where you want to put your tub. Ideally, it should be somewhere that is central and should work symmetrically with the rest of the items in the bathroom.

Choose features carefully

It’s amazing how much of a difference small features, like light fixtures and taps can make to the space. That’s why it is so important that you choose them carefully, one wrong choice and you could throw off the whole design of the room.

Take your time looking at the small things, and don’t rush into any features. Before picking your new taps, spend time browsing the different styles available at Tapwarehouse. Before choosing your new storage options, it is important to spend some time researching the options.

Lighting is key

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that lighting isn’t important, because it really is. The lighting you incorporate is what gives a space its atmosphere. What’s important isn’t the light fixtures, but the lights themselves.

By implementing all these design ideas, you can create a modern bathroom that is the ideal private haven.