Summer is many people’s favourite season and it is not difficult to see why. The golden light, warm temperatures and balmy breezes are pleasant and uplifting. Lazy afternoons in the park or sipping lemonade with friends are so much better when the weather is brighter and the days are longer. It is normal for thoughts to turn towards Summer holidays and vacations. We may long for a chance to relax and unwind. Sauntering along a beach or exploring a new city can be a wonderful way to spend the Summer months. But what about if it’s not in the budget? There are many reasons why we might find ourselves unable to take a Summer trip. Pets are a huge commitment and it can be difficult to find a carer or kennel that we trust. Children can be tricky to occupy on a family holiday or may be too young to find travel anything other than exhausted. Our budget and time constraints might also prevent us from taking adequate time off or leaving the house unattended. But help is at hand! Your home should be a blissful sanctuary for you to retreat to, whatever the season. If you’re fortunate enough to have a break from home, there are a few ways to make your home a pleasure to spend time in. Follow these quick and easy tips for a Summer-ready home and you’ll instantly feel like you’re on vacation!

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Achieving Light and Airy Rooms

Rooms with light and air circulating are instantly more inviting and suitable for the season. It has been widely discussed that adding light to a room can instantly make it appear more spacious. When we add a beautiful scent, we can also add a feeling of comfort, luxury and freshness. Subtly floral or fruity scents are perfect for creating a Summery ambience. They can be a wonderful choice for creating ambience in the evening too. Especially if we have guests staying with us or a get-together like a dinner party. During the day, we should aim to let in as much light as possible. This helps us to feel fresh, awake and alert. It makes rooms look wider and more inviting and has even been shown to boost our mood. If a renovation is within your means, consider adding a glass door to allow in extra light to a room. It may also be possible to widen the windows to allow for maximum light. For more affordable solutions, consider your colour palette. Neutral colours are less claustrophobic than darker shades and create a more Summery appearance. Subtle florals can be a great choice for an extra colour “pop”. Drapes, carpets, throws and furniture can all look clean and coordinated in a neutral pallette. If you want to add extra light, consider some elegant lighting solutions like small chandeliers or standing lamps. Candles and tea lights also add a charming, homely detail. Metallic features such as mirrored furniture or metallic finishes can reflect light and add to the sense of spaciousness. Even a small or modest space can instantly look bigger by adding light and a neutral pallette. Eliminate any unnecessary clutter and you’ll be amazed how much extra space you have.

Controlling Temperature

If you are lucky enough to enjoy very warm Summers in your location, you will need a cooling solution. Even in some cooler climates, certain days can become exceptionally warm, airless, and uncomfortable. It can be inconvenient to be continually opening doors and windows. It can also be less cost-effective if it later means that we have to reheat the house at night because it has become too cold. Consider heating and cooling systems from and other established brands. These help to ensure you’re not wasting money or energy. Some systems are even timer-operated and so can cool the house as you’re waking up or on your way home. There are few more refreshing sensations than to step through your front door into a cool and fresh space! If staying cool is a concern in the Summer, then paying attention to staying hydrated can become a house feature. There are some attractive water cooler features for the kitchen or home office. Or else it can be a nice feature to have a jug of ice water on a table ready to be poured for family or guests. Couple it with some colourful, tumblers and slices of fresh fruit for a taste of Summer!

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Enjoying The Garden

When properly maintained, the garden can become your own personal piece of paradise. It is easy for us to allow our garden to become overgrown or neglected. Often it has deteriorated into a storage area, with forgotten toys, broken tools and other items. If our garden could do with some sprucing up, we should try not to become overwhelmed. If we approach the task methodically and in small steps it becomes more achievable. We can even make an event of it! If there is pleasant weather coming, with drinks and snacks we can invite a few helpers round to help get the garden ready for the Summer. It can be a great opportunity to get fresh air and sunlight while also doing something that will really benefit you and your family. Many gardens are amazing spaces and could be a great feature but have been ignored. Make changes that are suitable for your timescale and budget. If adding a barbecue, patio, or water feature is out of the question, start smaller. Flowers, herbs, and pot plants can instantly add a vibrant, fresh feel. A well mown lawn can make a space appear bigger and cleaner, even with minimal effort. We can add a fresh coat of paint to our shed or fencing to hide splinters or general wear and tear. If we have children, we might also like to add a fun feature such as a paddling pool or small trampoline. These can add life and dimension to a garden that has been ignored for too long. Showing the garden a little extra appreciation can mean that it will become a favourite Summer haunt of ours. What better way to enjoy the warmer months than in the comfort and beauty of your own great outdoors?