Prepare the house for water and wind in winter or at any time is essential to avoid greater evils. Here we give a few tips. As they say from the Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergencies, safety in homes during the action of a heavy storm of rain wind and frost passes through secure doors windows and all objects that could fall into the street. To do this, from reparable we offer a number of tips and tricks:


Insulates your home to prevent water seepage

It is advisable to seal the windows and door frames with self-adhesive foam or rubber strips to prevent water ingress and drafts. The rubber strips are more resilient and durable, so it is more advisable to use this type for severe storms.

Protects floors and fireplaces

Houses with wooden floors may be slight leaks socket body and the ground. It is therefore useful silicone sealant, or synthetic rubber latex to fill the holes. Keep clean gutters and downspouts. During a by gutters and down pipes runs lot of water therefore, to eliminate the risk of obstructed and can generate, it is advisable to keep clean in this season.

Protect your crystals keeping the blinds down

Before the arrival of temporary blinds should be used as a shield to prevent any impact against the glass element causing breakage. Once you pass the time, pay attention to the electrical installation and roofs. If any room in the home has been flooded, he enlists the help of a professional before connecting any cables. We must not forget check the rooftops, as the wind may have caused landslides shingles affecting housing.

Also, to prevent water damage on the furniture, you should move as many items to the highest shelves shelves or elevated areas first or second floor of the house. It also seeks to have on hand what is important, as it can be a list of useful telephone numbers and an emergency kit.