Preparing for a long distance move can be an exciting and somewhat stressful endeavor. There are many considerations to be made before the first box is packed or labeled. Many people may have a difficult time deciding whether to hire a professional moving company or simply rely on friends and family for help on the big day. Moving companies in Canada are well equipped to assist their customers, whether they are planning a local move or a cross country expedition. Whether the move is from Toronto to Ottawa or Montreal, they offer expert advice and practical tips to help their customers make a smooth transition to their new homes.

Much of the stress related to moving actually stems from the anxieties about the uncertainty of relocation rather than the physical move. These emotions can cloud progress and make it difficult for individuals to part with possessions they have collected over time. As unpleasant as it may be to sort through heaping piles of material items, proactive organization is a necessary step for a successful cross country move. Eliminating extra work ensures that long distance movers are able to easily load and unload belongings from the truck and allows homeowners to quickly set up their new home without feeling overwhelmed during the process. Getting rid of unwanted items also helps people stay organized before, during, and after the move. This process should be the first step people make when anticipating an upcoming move.


When owners are ready to begin packing, there are a few ground rules that can make the process easy and protect valuable items from being lost or broken during the move. Moving companies in Canada typically offer several different size boxes, as well as packing tape and other essentials for their customers. It is important to use the correct size box and to carefully pack similar items together. Boxes that are crammed too full are likely to split open and may result in damage to the contents. Likewise, when a large box is used for only a few items it could be crushed if heavier boxes are stacked on top of it or the contents could be overlooked. As a general rule, boxes should be clearly labeled on all sides to indicate the contents and where the box should be placed in the new home. Sturdy packing tape should be used to carefully secure all boxes and reinforce the bottom of heavier boxes.

If you are looking to move across Canada, professional long distance movers, such as the team at Rent-A-Son, are able to accurately assess the needs of their customers and make recommendations according to the individual requirements as they arise. These experts efficiently help pack, label, and load items into the truck using the most appropriate techniques and methods. Not only are professional movers faster and more organized than most of the general population, but they are also used to hauling heavy packages all day long and will not be easily exhausted. Choosing the right moving company alleviates some of the stress from the entire process and allows the individual or family to focus on enjoying the beautiful Canadian countryside during their move.