According to Feng Shui, the Chinese art of harmonizing the space it inhabits with nature, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Is where you sleep, you have privacy and where each day begins. The colors that paint the walls of the bedroom can affect your level of sleep, so you should choose them carefully to create balance and harmony. The Feng Shui attributed to each color certain objective qualities, but in the end, color preferences are extremely subjective and depend on the mood you want to create as much as aesthetic considerations.
paint the walls


Paint the walls pink if you want to create a sense of intimacy. Pink contains red, denoting fire and passion, and white, which is a metal element and represents love, enjoyment and romance. Feng Shui consultant Ken Lauher says is considered the best color for a bedroom.

Use pastel soft instead of dark or primary colors. Most colors soft make the atmosphere feel lighter. The feeling of lightness will be improved, in most cases, if the ceiling is white.
Paint the walls sky blue if you want to meditate and relax in your bedroom. Blue is regarded as the ethereal, spiritual color. Greenery is a tranquilizer pale color also works well in a bedroom because it creates a feeling of freshness and a sense of hope. Avoid using too much red or orange. They are passionate colors that might mitigate against a relaxing atmosphere.

Limit the color palette to a primary color and a secondary color. Too many colors can overstimulate you and create a sense of confusion.

Choose colors to balance your moods and soothe your personality traits. If you are a fiery person, green and blue soft can be a peaceful contrast to your usual psychological states. If you are prone to laziness or indecision, vibrant orange or red can inject some passion you need.

Harmonize colors with room decorations, your bedspread and your view through the windows. Create an environment in which all colors create a montage that reflects your aspirations while offering restful and relaxing retreat from the world.