The outdoor placement and size of your windows make a big impact in the look of your home. If you have outdoor window or uneven windows small, there are some remedies you can use to make them look substantially bigger. Higher window may provide the illusion of a big house , and usually worth investing in architectural details to create this illusion. Not only your house look better from the street, will also have more value.
outdoor window


Add height to the window moldings

Request a sample board your home improvement center showing all available plastic moldings for the exterior of houses. Plastic moldings are an excellent choice for decorative molds because they are easy to install and are not subject to the problem of putrefaction of wood.


Compare the styles of moldings to the outer appearance of the front of your house. In most cases, you must add the same molding on all windows and doors at the same elevation. Sometimes moldings sizes vary between the first and second floor along the upper edge of the window of the second floor, due to the fascia.
Add height to the appearance of windows to add substantial ornaments on the top of the window. Typically the top embellishments are the longest, side trims are the next largest background and embellishments are smaller. Measure all your windows and doors and trim commands such measures. This will avoid making almost any cut.

Cut the plastic molds with a miter box and a handsaw. Easily cut. If you do measurement properly, you may have to make some cuts around obstacles such as outdoor light fixtures existing or ornaments. Many homes have existing moldings. If you have moldings you are going to replace, quítalas before installing your new moldings.

Install your new moldings on the exterior of your house clean. Usually you can just glue the molding in place with construction adhesive. Use the type of glue recommended for your molding material.

Caulk around the trim to give the best finished appearance.

Add flower boxes

It gives the illusion of extra height of the window to install window boxes under your windows .

Secures supports Window box on poles or your mortar wall cladding using the recommended action screws to support the weight of the box window. Use a drill, screwdriver and wrench.

Monta window box to the brackets using small screws through the brackets and into the material of the window box.