The furniture garden can last for years if cared for properly. Various types of furniture new outdoor can not be assembled with weatherproof materials and new outdoor furniture can be very expensive. There are simple steps to keep your furniture in good structural condition today, by effective protection against the elements that can ruin the furniture outdoors.

outdoor furniture


Wash the furniture exterior made ​​of wood and plastic once every two weeks to keep the surface clean and weatherproof. Put on disposable gloves plastic . Fill a bucket with cold water. Add a small amount of chlorine: two to three blocks. Dip a brush into the bucket after stirring the water. Rub the furniture with the brush until all the stains and dirt are removed. Rinse the furniture outdoors with a garden hose and let air dry.

Use impermeable covers for furniture to protect furniture outdoors. Measures all furniture outdoors with a tape measure and record the measurements. Go online and shop supplies furniture covers to find the appropriate size. Make sure the covers are waterproof and fit snugly around the furniture . Choose decks that allow furniture porous wood can breathe.

Return to treat furniture wooden outdoor eradicate current inclement weather and to prevent further weather damage. Sand the furniture of wood with sandpaper 320 grit. Ponte’s cotton gardening gloves to protect your hands from splinters while lijes. Go over the entire surface of the wood, sanding in the direction of the grain. Remove wood dust with a clean brush. Fill cracks or holes in the wood with wood filler. Let the wood filler to dry. Use wood glue to make the necessary wood joints or legs that support the repairs furniture . Let the glue dry.

Re-sand the wood once the wood filler and glue dry. Sand the surface lightly with sandpaper 150 grit. Removes all wood dust. Take a waterproof stain and stain the wood. Use clear water and insect proof varnish to protect the wood after staining or varnish used by itself to preserve the wood in its natural state after sanding.

Use orange oil to clean and seal the plastic or polymer resin of furniture garden elements. Take the orange oil and poured some into a clean cotton cloth. Rub with a movement round the furniture to remove dirt and grime. Turn the fabric to the side or use another clean cloth to polish the surface with the remaining oil, once cleaned. Let it dry. The oil will leave a sheen on the furniture that help protect it.

Spray a waterproofing spray and organic fabrics in the furniture upholstery outdoors. Waterproof spray prevent fabric is saturated with rainwater and eliminate the formation of mold and odor.