This trend developed by Ceresita, seeks to provide people with alternatives of colors to intervene and renew their spaces in a way that is original and generating environment of tranquility and harmony for the day. Let’s talk about New colors for decorating your home.

Explains Paulina Sanhueza, marketing manager of the company, “the color is one of the fundamental when customizing an environment, creating spaces with attractive atmosphere for the development of life and are a reflection of the identity of its inhabitants items . For this reason, we launched this trend to captivate -través colors- combining all persons seeking to recover inner harmony in their homes and intimate spaces “.

Thus, “Colours living within you” seeks to find the simple things in life and favors the colors extracted from the days of vacation, the games, the richest food and everything that evokes the joy of living, view from the simplicity of things.

decorating your home

Color Keys

This is how this new trend Ceresita 2012 has three blades with different shades, defined as “Refresh your soul”, “Free your Imagination” and “Return to Play”. Paulina Sanhueza notes that “all the blades were thought to reflect the life of a person who within the chaos of modern life, looking inside a space to reflect and see things from another perspective, taking refuge in memories of moments happy. “

Refresh your soul is inspired shades of green waters, blue and gray, which refer to water, sky and landscape. It is ideal for environments of rest and relaxation, such as the master bedroom, bathrooms and terraces. It is for places where you need to recover from the hustle of everyday life and recuperate.

Free your imagination , originates in red, orange and yellow fruity, with creamy tones and cafes, which allow revive the mixture of colors, aromas and flavors of childhood.

It is a concept to be applied in welcoming environments that are conducive to maintaining a pleasant conversation, such as the dining room, the kitchen or the living room.

Play again, it’s a color palette inspired personality as lime, purple and dark blue in playful combinations. Palettes “Return to Play” are designed to decorate spaces that encourage play and work as part of the children, the living room and home office.