Remodeling a mobile home to look like a traditional home requires hiring a professional. If you have basic carpentry skills, this task can be performed by many who do things for themselves. Mobile homes are usually built with elements that are not found in traditional homes, such as wood paneling. The primer and paint will make a wall look like plaster instead of a wall of wood paneling. Take time enough to remodel your mobile home in a house.


Remove all nails or screws panels all the walls of the mobile home with a crowbar. Lava panels with dish detergent, warm water and a rag. When washing prepare them for primer and paint.

remodel a mobile

Apply caulk all cracks and holes in the paneling with a spatula. Allow the putty to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Gently sand the filler with 100 grit sandpaper until it is flush with the panel.

Paint the panel based latex 100 percent. Wait for the primer to dry and then painting all the interior walls with a latex based paint.


Install shutters on the exterior of the mobile home. When selecting a color for the shutters, choose one to complement the exterior color of the trailer , but adds a dramatic touch – for example, if your house has tan siding, you might want to buy blinds blue or green .

Remove all carpets and laminate floor trailer . Walking the floor with a knife and snap him out from underground with a crowbar. Remove the adhesive strips with crowbar and hammer. Install laminate or hardwood floors in all the rooms according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These floors create the appearance of a traditional home.

Replaces the two outer doors motorhome new ones. Select exterior doors with windows design to look like the door of a traditional home. The doors of the trailers are smaller than the gates of traditional houses, so be sure to measure them and take these steps when you go to buy them. Otherwise, you’ll have to cut the doors to fit.

Upgrade all your light fixtures motorhome . Usually, these houses have ceiling lights, which do not reflect an aspect of traditional house. Turn off the power to the motor home and unscrewed the lamp base with a screwdriver. Unscrew the color-coded wires and install a new light fixture. Spin the color coded wires together and ensures the lamp ceiling with screws and a drill. Turn on the power and test the device.